How to Use a Vape Pen

How to use a vape pen

Using a vape pen is simple once you understand how all the pieces work together. There really isn't that much to it, the battery supplies power to the atomizer which contains some type of heating element and a place to pack your plant material. Knowing what atomizer to use for each type of material such as dry herb, wax or oil is the trickiest part of learning how to use a vape pen and you are about to become an expert.

To use the vape pen simply screw the atomizer onto the battery, pack the atomizer with your herb, wax or oil and then you screw on the mouthpiece. You are now ready to vape, simply hold down the button and start inhaling, its that simple. The length of your draw will vary from 5-15 seconds and the size of hit will be determined by the heat settings and what form of plant material or concentrates you are vaporizing.

How to use a Vape Pen
Vape pen components

Dialing in your vape pen for optimum performance

Now that you understand the basics you are ready to go. The next step is to learn your preferences when it comes to vaping and to learn the nuances of your particular choice of plant material to vaporize. Dry herb, wax, oil and shatter each have a different atomizer and heat setting that will work best. So the type of material you want to vaporize will usually dictate what vape pen you should purchase. An atomizer made for wax will not work if you fill it with dry herb and it will more than likely destroy your heating element. 

How to use a vape pen for dry herb

I wanted to find a professional to explain to you how to use a vape pen that is made for dry herb. Luckily, Snoop Dogg was available, at least he was on youtube, explaining how the G-pen works. Which is great for us because the G-pen is very similar to most of the other vape pen style dry herb vaporizers. 

Honestly, I have not found a pen-style vaporizer that I love. I prefer the beefier portable dry herb vapes like the Pax II, the Magic Flight Launch Box or the Crafty. But don't let my preferences decide for you. Many, many people have dry herb vape pens and love them. 

In any case, if you want to learn how to use a vape pen for dry herb...then learn from the master. Pay attention to the steps he goes through as they apply to most dry herb vape pens and notice how the atomizer he uses is specifically made for dry herb. The one in the video is glass but there are many other styles of atomizers for dry herb.

How to use a vape pen for conentrates

So now that you know how to use a vape pen for dry herb lets take a look at another class of vape pens, vape pens for concentrates. 

What are cannabis concentrates?

Today concentrates come in many forms. Wax, budder, shatter and oil are all common types of concentrates. To get a quick education in the differences between these types of goodies, check out the High Times video on the right. 

If you saw the video then you are now an expert on concentrates. So its time we take a look at how to use them in a vape pen. Luckily for us, all of these concentrates will work in a wide variety of atomizers so we can learn the basics by watching a video that applies to most vape pen models. 

Vape Pens Atomizers for wax

Atomizers for cannabis concentrates

But before we do that take a look at the image on the left. These are the 3 atomizers that come with the Dr. Dabber aurora. Each one can be used for any of these concentrate  types. Each one will also produce a different experience.

The Dual Ceramic rods in a quartz lined chamber will have a different flavor profile than the dual quartz rods in a quartz chamber. The ceramic disk will also have a different effect on your concentrates and its all a matter of preference.

Personally, I love the flavor of an all quartz setup and I could care less about the ceramic disk. But that is me. You may like something different. 

All of these atomizer pack or load in almost the same way so next we will check out a video to learn the basics or packing your atomizer and changing the heat settings.

How to use a vape pen for wax, budder, shatter or oil

In this video by The Vape Critic, we see the basics of using a vape pen for concentrates in action. I choose this video because he uses two different atomizers and he shows you how to pack them. 

If you pay attention to the video you will learn a little bit about how different temperature settings and atomizer configurations can affect the vapor production and taste profiles of your concentrates. Remember most of this is based on preference so don't be afraid to experiment. 

Many vape pens come with a variety of atomizer configurations so if you are unsure what you like then try a pen like the Source Orb 4 that comes with a wide variety of atomizers.

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