Guy tricks Tinder dates with fake weed vape and what happens next is crazy.

In this series of video pranks, Ryan from HammyTV tricks his Tinder dates into thinking they are chiefing on a weed vape when in fact they are just vaping nicotine free e-juice.  The power of the mind is an interesting thing. 

In these hilarious videos, Ryan creates a fake profile on Tinder that says he likes to hang out and get high.  He starts getting messages from interested girls and when he does he invites them to come hang out and get high with him. When they get there he shows them some nicotine free  e-juice concentrate which he created a fake label for that says it contains THC concentrate. 

The videos continue with the girls puffing along on the fake weed vape and starting to act a bit unusual and then things get crazy. ​

So how do the girls react? Well you will have to watch the videos to find out. 

Girls w Fake Weed Vape

What happens when you trick your date into thinking she is hitting a weed vape?

​Weed Vape Prank - Part 1 

I love how the one girl calls her friends to tell them how retarded she is from hitting a fake weed vape. This is pretty funny stuff. 

Weed Vape Prank - Part 2 

Wow, I am not even sure the pregnant chick should be using a fake weed vape but she sure does love it. Poor baby. 

Weed Vape Prank - Part 3 

I love that there is one girl in this one who knew she wasn't getting high from this fake weed vape. She called her friends to line something else up lol.. 

These girls are acting retarded and think they are high as hell but actually their mind is playing tricks on them. It is the power of the placebo effect in full swing. The thing is when you think you are getting high, you are. Of course alot of these could be faking.  What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Is this the power of the mind or are these girls totally faking it? Do you think you can tell a weed vape from a nicotine-free e-juice?

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Guy tricks Tinder dates with fake weed vape and what happens next is crazy.
Awesome Weed Vape prank. In this 3 part video series a guy tricks his spunky Tinder dates into thinking they are toking on a weed vape. I couldn't believe what the pregnant chick did.
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